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Projects of the third funding period

A1 A2 A4 A5 A6 A7 B1 B2 B4 B7 B8 B9 C1 C2 C3 C4 C7 D1 D3 D5 D6 N1
Nr. Title Contact
A1 Mixtures of Particles with Complex Architecture in Shear Flow Dhont / Lettinga
A2 "Tunable" Model Systems for Soft Colloids Stellbrink / Willner / Richter
A4 Colloidal Soft Matter under Shear Flow Gompper / Winkler
A5 Computer Simulations of Structure, Dynamics, and Phase Behaviour of Colloidal Fluids in Confined Geometry and under Shear Binder / Virnau
A6 Time-Dependent Flow in Arrested States Brader / Fuchs / Egelhaaf
A7 Force-Driven Micro- and Macro-Rheology Voigtmann / Fuchs
B1 Structure and Transport Properties of Charged Sphere Suspensions in Electric Fields Palberg
B2 Electrokinetic Properties of Charged Colloids in External Fields Nägele
B4 Computer Simulation of Electrokinetics in Colloidal Systems Dünweg /
B7 Colloids in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields Vollmer / Butt / Schmidt
B8 Phase Transitions of Confined Nanorods in Electric Fields van Blaaderen / Imhof / Dijkstra / van Roij / Vanmaekelbergh
B9 Computer Simulations of Charged Colloids in Alternating Electric Fields Schmid
C1 Dynamics of Autonomous Swimmers in Confinement Erbe / Leiderer
C2 Two-dimensional Colloidal Systems in Anisotropic Magnetic Fields or in Light Fields Keim / Maret
C3 Phase Transitions of Two-Dimensional Paramagnetic Colloids in External Fields Likos / Löwen
C4 Effect of Modulated Boundaries on Structure Formation Near the Liquid-Solid Transition in Equilibrium and Under Shear Maret / Binder / Nielaba
C7 Concentrated Colloidal Suspensions in Modulated Light Fields Egelhaaf
D1 Confined Colloidal Crystals in and out of Equilibrium Palberg / Schöpe / Messina / Löwen
D3 Differently Shaped Hard Body Colloids in Confinement: From Walls to Porous Media Wensink / Löwen
D5 Mixture of Rod-like and Spherical Colloids under Confinement: Phase Transition Kinetics Schilling / Binder
D6 Structure Formation in Columnar Mineral Liquid Crystals in Confinement Vroege / Petukhov / Lekkerkerker
N1 Colloids at Interfaces Oettel