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Project C2

Two-dimensional Colloidal Systems in Anisotropic Magnetic Fields or in Light Fields

Project leaders

  1. Dr. Peter Keim
  2. Prof. Dr. Georg Maret


Based on the methods developed in the last funding period we will investigate the influence of an anisotropic magnetic field on the structure of local crystallites formed in a binary, glass forming mixture of colloids. Both systems, the mono-disperse/crystalizing one as well as the binary/glassy one will be investigated under shear. This can be done using the light pressure of two counter-propagating laser beams with flat incidence. Using a IR-Laser-Tweezer we can pull a single particle or an ensemble of several ones (acting like an obstacle) through the binary system to investigate the visco-elastic response. Close collaborations about structure and dynamics under various external conditions will exist with projects C3 and the theoretical part of D1, about experimental details with C4, and the investigation of the micro-rheology will be done in collaboration with project A7.