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Project A1

Mixtures of Particles with Complex Architecture in Shear Flow

Project leaders

  1. Prof. Dr. Jan Karel George Dhont
  2. Dr. Pavlik Lettinga


In the next funding period we want to study the response to shear flow of colloids with a more complex architecture as compared to the stiff colloidal rods studied so far, including their mixtures. In particular we wish to first further develop the synthesis of colloids consisting of relatively small cores with a thick brush of DNA or fd-virus particles, as well as colloidal-sized wormlike, semi-flexible "polymers". We intend to study the behaviour of single colloids under flow, where particle deformation will be of interest, as well as the behaviour at high concentration, where in addition entanglements play a role. The resulting non-equilibrium phase behaviour and shear-induced pattern formation will be investigated.