SFB TR6 Summer School on Soft Matter

"Physics of colloidal suspensions and granular media"



M. Acevedo Deposits and Flows of Square Particles in a Silo
A. Amon Interferometric Measurements of Small Deformations of Granular Materials
Q. Barral Three dimensional rheometry: application to yield stress fluids
S. Belli Dynamical heterogeneities in columnar liquid crystals
T. Besseling Shear induced hard sphere crystallization
J. Bewerunge Force measurements in granular media and colloids
O. Blaj Evidencing secondary and differential flows in a sheared wet granular system: an automated 3-D particle tracking experiment
C. Bonnoit 1. Irreversible flow of suspensions
2. Rheology of Dense Suspensions
P. Born Crystallization in colloidal systems
F. Boyer Flows of granular suspensions: normal stresses in a two-phase approach
M. Braibanti Turning Colloidal States by Independent Control of Number Concentration and Volume Fraction
D. Byelov Hard x-ray microscopy on colloidal dispersions
R. Colin Ageing and Heterogeneities in thermosensitive soft colloids
E. Clément Enhanced diffusion due to active swimmers at a solide surface
C. Contreras-Aburto A mode coupling study of the steady state transport properties of charged colloids in external electric fields
J. Damas Granular Packings
D. Deb Determination of wall-liquid interfacial tension in hard sphere systems
C. Donahue The influence of rotational motion in wetted particle-particle collisions
B. Eral Diffusion in Confinement-a microfluidic approach
P. Gago Static granular packings: The relevant state variables
J. Galvan-Myoshi Structural relaxations in highly concentrated microgel systems
S. Gonzales Lightning volcanoes: charge transfer in granular gases
C. Groben Coupled colloidal particles out of equilibrium
F. Guillard Lift forces in granular media
R. Harich Mobility in a 2D "glassy" vibrated granular packing
A. Härtel Dynamical density functional theory of colloidal hard spherocylinders
M. Heinen Short- and long time dynamics of charged and porous colloids
A. Hess Rheophysics of polyelectrolyte multilayer tuned particulate suspensions
C. Heussinger Superdiffusive, heterogeneous, and collective particle motion near the fluid-solid transition in athermal disordered materials
X. Hong Oil in Water Emulsion Flow in a 2D hopper
H. Kaiser Glass transition in charged colloidal suspensions
C. Klix Elastic Properties of Glasses
A. Leferink op Reinink Gibbsite Liquid Crystals in Confinement
A. Libal Colloidal Spin Ice: Return Point Memory and grain boundaries
K. Lichtner Demixing dynamics of a two-component Heisenberg fluid system
E. Mersch Electrostatic manipulation of grains
R. Morini Compaction and rheology of concentrated suspensions of calcium carbonate in relation with the adsorption of polyelectrolytes
T. Neuhaus Density Functional Theory for Interfaces and Heterogeneous Nucleation in Colloid-Polymer Mixtures
N. van Bau Creeping / viscous dynamics of a vibrated granular packing
K. Nichol Fluctuations in an agitated granular fluid
E. C. Oğuz Screened Coulomb particles in cylindrical confinement
B. Percier experimental study of washboard instability
G. Perez-Angel Bouncing, rolling, energy flows and cluster formation in a 2D vibrated granular gas
D. Polster Interactions between geometric defects in 2D colloidal systems
A. Reinmüller Colloidal Charged Spheres under Parallel Plate Confinement
S. Ruzicka Folding and unfolding rate of a homopolymer chain studied by collision dynamics
J. Schablinski Manipulation of structure and dynamics of finite plasma crystals
F. Smallenburg Colloidal micelles from asymmetric dumbbells
V. Staedele Ordering behaviour in mixtures of magnetic and nonmagnetic particles in magnetic fields
E. Stärk Random-Close Packing in Binary Mixtures in Two Dimensions
M. Wang Mechanical properties and structure in colloidal and granular systems
J. Wenzel Confocal Microscopy in Colloidal Systems
D. Wilms Colloidal Crystals under Confinement
A. Winkler Monte Carlo simulations of colloid-polymer mixtures in cylindrical confinement
D. Winter Criticality in anisotropic systems: The 2d-Ising model under strong shear
P. Yu Stress-birefringence for Granula Experiments in 3D
R. Ziano Temperature depending phase transitions of liposomes in the presence of beta-amyloid
U. Zimmermann Clockwise-directional circle swimmer moves counterclockwise in Petri dish- and ring-like confinements