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Cristian Vasile Achim: „Application of the Phase Field Crystal Model to Pinned Lattices”
Helsinki University of Technology Espoo, Finland

This talk will present static and dynamic properties of adsorbed layers under the influence of a driving force using an extended version of the Phase Field Crystal Model. In the case of periodic potentials, the various commensurate phases are described in detail and the complete phase diagram is mapped out as a function of pinning strength and lattice mismatch. The nonlinear response to a driving force on an initially pinned commensurate phase is then studied via overdamped dynamic equations of motion for different values of mismatch and pinning strengths. For large pinning strength the driven depinning transitions are continuous, and the sliding velocity varies with the force from the threshold with power-law exponents in agreement with analytical predictions. For finite temperatures, Monte Carlo simulations are used to determine the phase diagram as a function of temperature. For one of the commensurate phases behavior is found consistent with the Ising universality class. The results concerning the effect of disordered pinning potential are also presented.