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Sérgio Apolinário: „Structural and dynamical properties of finite size Wigner crystals”
Department of Physics, Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium

During my presentation I will discuss about structural properties, the linear dynamics and melting processes of finite Wigner crystals. As axamples of Wigner systems I will consider the dusty plasma and the model of metallica charged balls. The influence of the inter-particle interaction potential, of the strength and shape (i.e. the symmetry) of the confinement potential, and of the number of particles contained in the system were investigated. We found the formation of distinct structures, e.g. magic clusters and multiple rings structures; and distinct melting processes, e.g. internal inter-shell and inhomogeneous melting processes. In order to understand the complexity of the structural and dynamical properties of those systems we performed very detailed simulations.